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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

After 7 months in massage school I was wholeheartedly convinced of the above statement. I had been plagued with migraines, cluster headaches, aches, pains and overall sluggishness. Sound familiar? While in massage school we were privileged enough to receive at least one small massage of some kind or another each day. After those 7 months I reflected on my health..I had had only 1 headache during my entire schooling, I wasn't sick once, I was more flexible, AND I had a lot more energy! This was all happening while commuting 1 hour each way to Ithaca, attending school from 9-5 with many evenings on top of that, studying difficult sciences AND being a mom of two young girls and wife to a teacher/wrestling coach! To say the least, it was a FULL 7 months...but I had never felt better in my life! I credit that to I am adamant about receiving a 'tune up' massage at least once a month, and I don't hesitate to receive more therapy if I need it.

This is my hope for you..that you will see massage as part of your overall health and well being. Take care of yourself and it will be easier for you to give yourself to others..


Sarah Roe LMT

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